Merriam-webster defines island as, “a tract of land surrounded by water and smaller than a continent” or “an isolated group or area; especially: an isolated ethnological group.”

In my family, island describes the place where everyone congregates.  That place in the middle of the kitchen that is always crowded, the opposite of isolated.  The island is the setting of so many slices of life, including today’s…


“I have so many blackheads!” my sister complained while sitting at the island.

“Well, they say that you can put egg white on your face, then cover with tissue, it will dry and pull out the blackheads,” my grandma said.

“Oooo…Can I put egg whites on your face?!” As an older sister, of course I was jumping at the chance to put eggs on my sister’s face!


Jackpot! My grandma got a few eggs, cracked and separated the egg whites. I got the tissues. My grandma got me a brush and I got to work.

As I was painting and layering tissue, our other sister asked, “Have you tried this before, ma?”

“No, I saw it on Facebook,” our techie grandma replied.

Turns out you can’t believe everything you see on Facebook, it didn’t work. However, it was a lot of fun for me to put egg on my sister’s face! So it was a win! 😝

8 thoughts on “Island”

  1. The kitchen island – the stuff of my dreams! Maybe in my next house! I loved this picture of the three of you sitting around the island devising this remedy.

  2. Which sister?! HAHA!
    I love our “island kitchen” too in our family!
    Maybe that’s why we always want to sit on the floor together, like, especially at staff meetings.
    I really appreciate how you forced that to be a “norm” at our school. I appreciate our school island too because of you! ❤

  3. Hilarious!!! I so wish I had one of those moments with my younger sister. Egg on her face would be the greatest payback. I guess I haven’t gotten over her cool attitude about recutting a pair of my cut off jeans while home from college. Seeing the frayed evidence on the carpet was my only ounce of proof to confront her. She still didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. (That would have been my egg in your face moment LOL.)

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever made that connection before. A kitchen island is named that because it is separated from the other surfaces in the kitchen. But, through human behavior, looking for something to congregate around, a kitchen island becomes a social spot instead of an isolated location. So cool!

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