SOL #28 – Reflection and an Apology

My car ride home is quite a haul, but it allows me to reflect on the day.  Yesterday was one of those days, where among other things I lost my patience too many times. 

On my drive, all of a sudden it hit me why that one kid was shoving a book in my face earlier…

I was cranky.  I had a headache.  And one of my students held a book up to my face, fanning the pages, while I was trying to give directions to another.  I’m not sure exactly what I said, but it was something like, “Why is that in my face?  Go sit down.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 1.19.23 PM

Earlier in this day I had published a Joy List post on our classroom blog.  Do you see it yet?

It took me until the ride home, but I realized that he saw this.  He saw that I love the smell of new books. He saw that I was having a bad day.  He was trying to bring me joy.

He may not have gone about it in the right way, but he tried.  I owed him an apology.

And an apology he got.  I pulled him aside this morning, apologized to him and thanked him for trying to bring me joy.  He smiled, laughed, nodded and went back to work.  I think I am forgiven.

My kids may not always know how to express it appropriately, but they are good, compassionate young people.   I am lucky to spend my days with them!



7 thoughts on “SOL #28 – Reflection and an Apology”

  1. It takes a big person to apologize. I am glad you had a chance to reflect on your day and realize your mistake. I like the idea of a joy list. I will have to try that out tomorrow.

  2. I love that you love the smell of new books, and that you are a person who apologizes. Those are two pretty great things.

  3. They are so sweet! I’m glad you apologized. I think adults need to apologize to kids more often. We mess up, a lot, and expect them to be okay with it because we are the adults. Apologizing to them makes them realize it is okay to make mistakes and even adults do it! We can’t expect them to sincerely apologize without modeling it !

  4. His heart was definitely in the right place. And I think the apology coming from an adult will help them realize that no one is perfect. Adults make mistakes and it’s okay to admit to that.

  5. You have the sweetest kiddos ❤ great reflection on your ride home. I know your drive is a long one, but I’m sure it’s mentally productive!

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