SOL #12 – Baseball – Our Way!

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI stood about five feet from Troy.  The fluffy Angry Bird stuffed animal made contact with the Styrofoam bat that Troy was swinging.  The bird came straight toward me, but above my head. Fear filled me.  Although it was fluffy, the bird could still hurt if it hit me at that speed.  As it whizzed past me, I spun to see where it was headed.

“No! Not again!” I shouted, knowing that I was going to loose by a large margin once again.  I was frustrated that at only ten, my son’s athletic ability had surpassed mine by so much –  his team always wins against my Boston Baguettes.

I reached up for it, but was way too short.  The bird soared into the light, hitting the light bulbs and passing through the air and into the kitchen.  Suddenly, the room became much darker. Two of the three light bulbs were broken.

It was a home run for Troy, but he only got halfway to first base when he realized that he had broken the light.

“Oh, fudge-muffins!”  he said.   He stopped and looked at me, afraid that he would be in trouble.

I just looked at him, then glanced at the light, and then back at him again.  Did that really just happen?  Yes, in fact it did.  And after several seconds that seemed like minutes, we burst out laughing.

“Did you see that?”  he said, realizing that I wasn’t mad, just shocked.

Since that day, the light bulbs have been replaced…several times.  It is the memories that last forever, light bulbs are just things.  And this memory has become one of Troy’s favorite stories to tell.


6 thoughts on “SOL #12 – Baseball – Our Way!”

  1. You have a baseball diamond, I have a soccer pitch! The playing fields may be different but the desire to play and compete sound very similar! Here’s to broken lights, busted VCRs, and shattered dishes!!

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