SOL #11 – Throwback Slice

My best friend growing up spent a lot of time at our house.  My sisters and I baked often. My friend – not so much.

One day we decided to make something – no idea what. My friend was mixing the batter with the old brown hand mixer, when my sister says over the sound of the mixer, “You know you don’t have to hold the bowl when you do that.”

“Really?” my friend responded.

Before I could stop her, she let go of the bowl.  The bowl spun.  The batter spun, quickly moving further up to the top of the bowl.  Within seconds the batter was flying out of the bowl and onto us, the counter, the cabinets, the floor…

Funny thing is, I don’t remember cleaning it up.  :/  Sorry, Mom!


9 thoughts on “SOL #11 – Throwback Slice”

  1. Too funny! I usually send my high school friend a picture of the cookie dough when I make cookies… 25 years ago she and I used to make cookies but eat half the dough before putting a few cookies in the oven. The kitchen is The Best Place for memories!

  2. I love the nostalgia these kind of stories elicit. Your friend, the non-baker, had better instincts than your sister, unless she was saying that on purpose, and if she did, she has a great sense of humor! What year were you using the “old brown mixer?”

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