SOL # 8 – Confined Spaces

_I like confined spaces._

She entered the room like a dizzy flamingo, moving from one friend to the other, sharing her exciting news about being in the closet.

“I was in the closet!”  she tells one friend.

“I like confined spaces!”she whispers excitedly to another.

Yes, she was in fact in the book closet recording her argument writing as a podcast.  My goal was a quiet place that would allow only her voice to be heard, but the closet served as more than just a quality recording booth.  It also provided her with an experience she wants to remember forever and an overheard quote that led me to today’s slice of life.  Not to mention – this narrated video of her experience!  A-mazing!!


I have a very special, talented group of kids this year and I love each and every one of them.  You can read their argument podcasts here.  Special thank yous are required to two of them today:

Thank you to ThisDoesExists  (aka my dizzy flamingo) for her story, video, and enthusiasm for confined spaces!


Thank you to BabyKate9 for her “dizzy flamingo” simile!




3 thoughts on “SOL # 8 – Confined Spaces”

  1. I tell kids they should practice their speeches on a small space like a closet or the bathroom. They think I am nuts, but those who try it, get it.

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