SOL #6 – Socks


“I don’t have any socks!”  My son complains.  “Why don’t you wash any of my socks!”

This is a daily struggle…finding socks.

Just to be clear, there is an entire tub of clean socks on top of the dryer.  They just aren’t the right ones.

For a kid who always wears brightly colored, crazy patterned socks and never matches them – you would think finding socks to wear would be simple.  You would be very wrong.  Because. like so many other things about eleven year-olds, you can’t make assumptions….socks are my enemy right now…what will it be next week?  There is no way to predict it…

8 thoughts on “SOL #6 – Socks”

  1. I guess I know what he gets for his birthday! I love this post. My sister and I used to send each other socks in the mail. Now, we knit them for ourselves, and each other. I hope you son’s passion for bright socks never dims.

  2. At first I thought your blog was about 11 year-old socks -too funny! Some of my socks are old, but not that old. I hope you can find the correct socks for your son. Great slice.

  3. The best parenting thing I have done so far is giving up on matching socks. (The second best was giving up on folding baby clothes!) It never occurred to me that socks might crop up as trouble makers later in our lives. Oh dear!

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