Happy Face – SOL #1


Just a typical Friday morning in 5B.  Noise, discussions, heated arguments, and many stories…

“Ms. Bless.”

“Ms. Bless.”

“Ms. Bless!”

“Yes, S…?”  She was looking at me with much the same expression as she always wears.  To an outsider, it seems fierce or intimidating.  I know better.  I expected the usual report about a stupid thing her brother or one of the other boys said before school.  Instead I got…

“This is my happy face.  You’ve never seen it before,” said in the same tone and with the same urgency that she might tell me what she had for breakfast.

She went on to tell me how excited she was about going to her grandparents’ house with all of her cousins this weekend.  But it was those two sentences that had me smiling all day.  🙂  I love her happy face!  🙂

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