OLW in Fifth Grade

I have found so much success with One Little Word, I decided I wanted to share OLW with my fifth graders.

After reflection and goal setting for the new year, students decided on their own word.


Then, I asked them to do a quick write explaining why they chose their word.  Here are some samples:















Happy New Year!

OLW 2017

This is my third year of not having a typical New Year’s Resolution.  When I made those resolutions, they lasted maybe a month.  One Little Word has been very different – life changing (as cliche as it sounds).    My words changed me, helped me grow into the person I wanted to become.  They helped me heal.  The OLW and the meaning behind it was my guide through the year.

In reality, the word never leaves me.  Two years ago my word was fierce. Last year it was open.  I still carry those words with me.    They have become part of me.

The past several years have been about surviving  – through the week, through the day, through the moment.  And now, I’ve survived, healed, and accepted myself.

I am fierce.  I am open.

And this year,

I will flourish.