Kids’ Table

We sat in the booth, enjoying a rare dinner out together.  But Troy kept looking over to his left.

After a while, Troy voiced his confusion.  “The kids are sitting at a different table?”

I turned to look.  He was correct – there was a large group sitting at two tables, one full of adults and the other kids.

As I turned back to him, I could see he didn’t understand.  “Some people do that – have a kids’ table.  At holidays at my grandparents’ house we always had a kids’ table in a separate room from the adults,”  I said trying to explain away his confusion.

It didn’t seem to make a difference.  He still stared at the divided group.  Eventually saying, “I don’t understand.  Why wouldn’t they want to sit together?”

I looked over at the two tables, then back to my beautiful son.  “I don’t know, Troy.  I don’t know.”

And she loved a little boy very much even more than she loved herself.- The Giving Tree