Take a Stand/ Propose a Solution


Express and Reflect √

Inform and Explain √

Evaluate and Judge

Inquire and Explore √

Analyze and Interpret√

Take a Stand/Propose a Solution ↓

Another real life writing purpose that Kelly Gallagher addresses in Write Like This is Take a Stand and Propose a Solution. Gallagher wants his students to not just give an opinion, but to also give solutions.  Therefore, the activity I am trying out today is “Five Things You Can Do To _________.”

3  Things You Can Do to Be a Good Teacher AND a Good Mom

I don’t know about you all, but it can be hard to find a balance between being the teacher your students need and being the mom that your kids need.  I am by far the perfect example, but after the last seven years I have been able to find a few tips that have helped.

Use your personal days.

I don’t think I used any of my personal days my first year of teacher and only took sick days if I was very sick.  But, I have learned that the personal days are given for a reason.  For me, that reason is time with my son.  Now, I take all of my personal days and use them for time with my son.  I take off for his birthday so I can be there when he wakes up and when he gets off the bus.   I volunteer for Author’s Day at school every year and we get to spend the day together with some other kids at his school, learning, reading, writing, playing.  And then one more day, different each year.  Regardless of what is happening at school, I don’t feel guilty for taking these days.  This is time with my son that I will never regret!

Bring your kid to work.

My students know I have a son, my son knows that I have students. However, when they meet, each realizes the other is a real live human.  And you are a real live person outside of you time with them.  My son knows how amazing these kids are that I spend my days with and he understands why I care about them.  He knows that there are 28 reasons I can’t be there when he gets off the bus every day.

Time with your kids first, school work later.

I do plenty of work at home, as do all of you, I am sure.  However, I try to do it after spending some quality time with my son.  I pick him up, we eat dinner, we talk and maybe play.  Then, after he has had my uninterrupted attention, I get some work done.  This is a big one I had to learn when he was younger and I was in college.  I could get a lot more done if I spent time with him FIRST and then worked.  Plus, I am sending him the message that he is my number one!

Do you have any tips you can share?



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