The POWER struggle is real with this one!

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This little guy is smart!  I love the new member of our family and boy does he have personality!

Milo learned sit quickly, maybe he sort of knew it already?  I’m not sure.  He is two years old and we just adopted him.  But, with sit mastered I tried to move on to lay…

I wasn’t going to give him the treat unless he followed the directions.  He wasn’t happy that I wasn’t giving him the treat, possibly unsure of what I was asking.  So, after a minute or so, Milo decided he was done.

Milo turned away from me and meandered over to his food bowl and started eating.  The same food bowl that he hadn’t touched all morning.  (He is still adjusting and doesn’t eat much, yet.)

He picked up one piece of the kibble in his mouth.  Then, as he chomped down, turned his head slightly to look at me.  He continued this over and over again, keeping his eye on me to make sure I was paying attention.  Milo needed to prove he didn’t need the treat from me!

Well, two can play that game, my little one.  I put the treat back and walked away.  But, not before cracking up at this little guy’s big attitude.  😀





Joy 6.15.16


♥ We have a dog!  A sweet two year old Chihuahua mix named Milo!

♥  I found Milo online and Troy and I went to meet him on Monday.  We waited in the visiting room and one of the staff at the shelter brought in Milo.  The staff member said it might take him a little bit to warm up to new people, but Milo jumped straight up to the bench.  He climbed on Troy’s lap and started licking his face.  It was love!

♥  I created writers this past year!  I miss them like crazy, but I love the emails I have been getting!  (Pictures were included with each email/story!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.39.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.39.50 PM



Next year will bring a new adventure for me – I am moving on up to fifth grade.  This 51RYe58cBjL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgmeans a new curriculum, a new developmental age, and a new group of writers.  In preparation, I started reading Write Like This by Kelly Gallagher.

After the first chapter, the chapters are organized by purpose.  Already, I am trying to figure out how I can blend this with Lucy and my Writing Workshop.

Chapter 2 is focused on Express and Reflect and it is filled with so many great strategies to teach the kids.  I can’t wait to use them during the first month of workshop in August/September:  Bucket List, Neighborhood Spot, Family Photo…

The one that got me writing in my notebook:  Childhood Game.  Gallagher suggests that writers make a list of childhood games and then choose one to write about that “Taught you something  beyond the game itself.”


Here is my draft:

I loved playing Monopoly, but I was never any good until I learned what the word monopoly means – one person owns everything.  Then, I crushed it.

If I landed on it, I bought it (even if that meant mortgaging my properties).  It payed off in the long run. I’ve only lost one time since that realization.

Looking back on it – Monopoly taught me that you can only win if you go all in. You have to put everything you have into something – 120% if you want to come out on top.  No playing it safe.  It gets scary, but don’t give up until you’ve got nothing left.  That ca$h will come rolling in!