Me + Hulk = ?

Kids say the best/worst possible things at the best/worst possible times.  The problem is…you never know which one it will be…

“You know…if Hulk was real,”  a student starts, pointing to the cartoon of Hulk on my sweatshirt.  “If Hulk was real, you and him would really get along.”

“Really? Why is that?”  At this point it could go either way:  best/worst. Based on the student and the fact that we were standing outside at the end of a long day, I was betting on worst…something about anger, maybe?

But she surprised me!

“Yep.  Because you and Hulk are both brave and strong.  And he doesn’t wear shoes either!”  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Best possible thing at the best possible time!

Me + Hulk = Soul Mates

Happy Mother’s Day!

I have searched10868296_10152934162898114_3229757744924986249_n

for the perfect card

to give you

for Mother’s Day.


The perfect card

to tell you

how special you are.


The perfect card12670716_10154054525933114_3283053640797465164_n

to share

my gratitude

for everything you do

and everything you are.


But it doesn’t exist

because you are

one of a kind12246950_904105159344_6931036824662868894_n

and no words

can express

how important you are

to me –

to all of us.


I am me

because of you.

There is no 12688085_157921497922275_5717654798106791451_n

perfect card

to tell you

Happy Mother’s Day!


I love you!  Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!




Friendship is the Cure

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I doing enough for my students?


Have I made the right choices?

Have I given my son the best advice?


I’m almost 30.

I’m almost 30!


We sit on the couch.

We talk…

Of course, we talk “shop”

With random thoughts mixed in.


No advice given.

No changes made.

And yet…

Everything is different.


Siting on the couch


With your best friend

Is the cure

For all that ails.


Thank you, my friend!