Simple Joys

#SOL16 was a success!  Our class wrote a total of 227 slices in the month of March!  20160405_073734

Yesterday we raffled off some prizes for the slicers and then gave the kids some free time as a reward for all of their hard work.

During their free time, eight students took turns throwing up the bucket of tickets – making it rain down.   Twenty minutes they spent doing this!

“Ready!  Set! GO!”  They’d dance around as the tickets fell like snowflakes.

After all the tickets finished falling, all eight students dropped to the ground in order to collect all the tickets.

They continued to repeat the entire twenty minutes!  Taking turns and making a game of it!

All the while, I marveled at how kids with an imagination need so little to keep themselves entertained.  In a room full of technology, these students chose to spend their free time playing with used raffle tickets and a bucket! ♥