Farewell Slice of Life 2016

Troy and I were treating ourselves to some frozen yogurt BEFORE lunch today.  (We can do that – it’s Spring Break and I’m the adult.)

After filling my cup with pecan flavored frozen yogurt, I turned the corner to add some toppings.  And…Nutella!  There was a bottle of Nutella to squirt on top of your fro-yo.  Yes!!!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really come out of the bottle easily and I ended up with only a little bit in my cup.    However, the fro-yo topped with moist brownie bits, tiny Reese’s Pieces, and gooey marshmallow was still delicious!


And this is what I love about the Slice of Life challenge, other than creating and reinforcing the habit of writing.  Each March I am reminded how special these tiny moments are.  By then end of the month I notice so many things that would have been passed over, had it happened a month earlier.  My irrational excitement about adding Nutella to my ice cream would have been forgotten…although I guess the world not knowing about this isn’t really a bad thing….hmmm…..

Thank you Two Writing Teachers!


2 thoughts on “Farewell Slice of Life 2016”

  1. You are so right! Writing every day this month challenges us to notice the little moments in our lives that are so big!! Thank you for sharing your moment about Nutella!!!

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