Saturday Projects

My sister is throwing my nephews a minion party in April, so she enlisted me to make a “Pin the Eye on the Minion”  game.

I purchased two poster boards Friday night and Troy and I got to work Saturday morning.  He started working on Bob with his preferred media, pencils.  I started on Stuart with paint.


After drawing Bob with pencil, he traced the pencil with black marker. Later, he would color it with colored pencil.

As I finished painting the yellow part of the minion, my phone rang.  I answered it and was talking to my sister when I noticed that Troy was leaning over to my poster with his marker uncapped.

“Don’t you dare touch that!”  I burst out.

“But, you can’t see the mouth.  I’ll just trace it,” my son said.

“Don’t touch my minion! Work on your own!”  I demanded.

“What?”  my sister asked over the phone.

“Talking to Troy.  He is trying to fix my minion.”  I told her, giving Troy the stink eye.

Isn’t it supposed to be the parent that takes over the child’s project?


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