I hear voices…

The sun was shining through the car window.  I was singing along, when this song came on the radio and it got me thinking.


It got me to thinking about the voices I hear in my head…Those people that have left an impression…The words of advice, wisdom, and more that have stuck…

Here are some of the voices I hear…although not as poetically or rhythmically written…

My grandpa saying, “Never count on a man to do things for you.”

Mom saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Jill saying, “Accept help.”

Ma saying to my sisters and I , “Be nice.  One day you will only have each other.”



4 thoughts on “I hear voices…”

  1. I love how you connected to this song. Music is such a powerful tool. Thank you for sharing your “voices”. I’m hearing some of those voices too!

  2. You inspired me to think about the voices in my head and slice about it. I’m wondering what those voices are saying to me. I loved to hear your ‘voices.’ Great slice!

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