Why do you wear so many layers?

Image 3-24-16 at 7.15 AM
He’s not wrong. This is what I am wearing today…Not any different than any other dress down day.

I have no idea what subject it was during, or even what day.  But, I was sitting on the ground working with one kid and another student was close by when he decided he had a pressing matter he needed to talk to me about…

“Ms. Bless, why do you wear so many layers?” Then, without pausing to wait for an answer, “I mean, you have three shirts on.  Why do you need three shirts?  You say that you get crabby when you are hot, but you wouldn’t get hot as much if you didn’t wear so many shirts.  I mean, you have three shirts on.  If you wore one shirt or even two, you would not get as hot.”

Unexpected, completely off task, yet extremely observant.  I didn’t know how to respond, so I said, “You are too observant.  Get back to work.”


5 thoughts on “Why do you wear so many layers?”

  1. Isn’t it funny what they notice? I once had a student, in JUNE, remark that she liked that I had put a belt on the dress I was wearing. I’d worn it on the first day of school, and she’d thought then it needed a belt. (High school juniors’ comments are a little more . . . pointed lol) Great slice!

  2. Hahhahahahaha! That’s funny! I bet I know why, only because I do the same and always have! For me it’s to keep all the skin in. I never dug on the midriff look as my skin color is transparent. Since I had kids, nobody needs to see the bear tracks they left on my muffin top sides when I sit down on the carpet or raise my arm to write or whatever. Plus you can always use one layer to smooth out, I don’t know what to call them, random skin flubs? Tell that kid that. Print this out if you need to 😉 In college my fav Early Ed professor would say, “no boobs, no butts, no bellies – cover that flesh up!” Your reaction to the question is priceless! I’m dying laughing!

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