I need a mini-lesson!



As I pumped my legs, the swing moved higher and higher.  I watched my son on the monkey bars while I enjoyed my favorite park activity,  simultaneously thinking about how to write a slice of life about swinging.   (Often, I draft my slices in my mind multiple times before I get to my computer.)  And then I got stuck on the first line, the sounds of the swing…I don’t know how to write sounds.

You didn’t know it was a swing from my attempt at the sounds did you?  Be honest.

I must have sat on that swing, listening to the sounds for five minutes, trying to figure out how to spell what I was hearing.  Eventually, my son saved me from my thoughts, running over to swing next to me and talk about the day.

But here I am again, trying to put the sounds into words and I am at a loss.  Squeak….Eeeerrrk….nope……

Please help!  I am in need of a mini-lesson on how to put sounds into words!




4 thoughts on “I need a mini-lesson!”

  1. Interesting query! I actually think your swing sounds were great examples of onomatopoeia! I wonder what sound words your students would come up with! Could be a fun lesson to gather sound words from a variety of sound effects. You could be budding Foley artists!

  2. Hmmmm. I think your swing sounds are spot on. I’m curious how sixth graders would write that sound. Thinking I’m going to ask some tomorrow!

  3. I think you have it! I actually skipped over the sound words at first and those were the sounds that popped in my mind. There’s your mini lesson. 🙂

  4. And of course I missed the stuff in bold, cause you know me and reading anything remotely close to a heading..or should i say not reading? Haha So, my opinion has been biased by reading your description of the sound…
    😦 I am no help.

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