We pulled into the driveway and could see my nephew, almost 4, looking at us through the glass door.  In his arm was the panda bear on the right.

“Did you bring your bear, Troy?”  he asked the second the door opened.

“Yes.  You told me to,”  my ten year old son replied.  We were on a Face-time call earlier in the day and he requested that Troy bring his panda stuffed animal when we visit.  (Side note:  My nephew LOVES animals.  He loves watching animal documentaries on Netflix and pretty much only plays with animal toys.)

“Let’s play, Troy!  Our pandas want to play!”

“Ok,” my son consented. It may not be his first choice in activities, but he loves his cousin and hasn’t seen him a lot since they moved.  He was willing to humor him for awhile.

“Troy, my panda has four legs.  1, 2, 3, 4. How many legs does your panda have?  Two?”

“He has four, too.  It’s just that he walks upright on two legs.  He’s evolved.”

“My panda has four legs.  See.  1, 2, 3, 4.”

My nephew might have missed Troy’s comment, but I didn’t.  “He’s evolved.”  Sometimes I forget how much he knows.  He is always surprising me.



3 thoughts on “Evolved”

  1. Love this piece and the photo! One bear has clearly evolved! The conversation observed – we can learn so much from conversation snippets in our classrooms, too. I love your son’s explanation – says it all! A reminder to use clipboard cruising in writing workshop to jot down bits and pieces of writers talking with us and with each other!

  2. It is such fun to catch snippets of our kids’ conversations, seeing them through a different lens as they interact with others. Sweet story of cousins.

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