Dreams Come True!


The cold wind blew as we walked toward the doors after two hours in the car.

“Just a few more steps and my dream will come true.” My son could barely contain his excitement about finally going to Comic Con (which is actually called C2E2).

I remembered those words each time someone bumped into me throughout the day.  I reminded myself of that moment each time the crowds became overwhelming.  How often do you get to make your kid’s dreams come true?



5 thoughts on “Dreams Come True!”

  1. One of my third grade students went to that in NY and talked about it for days! Yay for dreams coming true!

  2. AWESOME!!! I only hope I can make our girls dreams come true one day! Way to go keeping the excitement and magic at the forefront even with the crowds! 🙂 Here’s to more adventures that fulfill the sweetest dreams!

  3. You’re in my city! We have friends there with their kids today. Mine are still too young but I imagine one day soon I’ll be following this post there myself. He looks elated. Good job mom!

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