SOL #15: I sniff books.


I sat on a horrible bench during institute today, when suddenly my nose picked up my favorite scent…new book!   The teacher next to me was flipping through a book and that amazing, indescribable new book scent was wafting to my nose with each turn of the page.

Yes, I admit it.  I sniff books!  And if a perfume of new book smell existed, I would pay a pretty penny.  Do you have an addiction to an uncommon scent?


11 thoughts on “SOL #15: I sniff books.”

  1. KIndles are great, but there is nothing more enticing than the scent of a new book. If you find that perfume, let me know.

  2. Hah! Caught me. The scent of new books … but also, the scent of well-read books that belonged to someone else long ago, who, for whatever reason, surrendered this book in my hands as if passing along a layer of trust … along with a bit of dust … cough, cough…

  3. Interesting. I’ve been a book sniffer but I’m more of a admirer of covers. I feel them and arrange them. I like the visuals and colors. It feels creepy to write that but I’ve donated books that are ugly or smell musty before. Bad book juju or something.

  4. Love it. This post and the comments are cracking me up. I didn’t know other people sniffed new books! But I don’t sniff old ones ’cause that will bring on a sneezing fit. BTW, I “collect” very old school books… my oldest is 1836.

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