Slice of Life: “Love” Notes

Monday afternoons are rough and yesterday was no exception.  No specials, no co-teacher,’s Monday afternoon.

The kids were talking and wandering as I tried to make the the computer connect to the smart-board for a much needed brain break.

Plug in.  Nothing changes.  Unplug.  Wait a second. Plug back in.  Repeat.

Then, in the middle of this daily struggle, I feel a presence next to me.  I turn to look at one of my students. (A quiet student, who I am constantly pushing out of her comfort zone.) She hands me a note, complete with tape on the top and bottom, ready to hang on the wall.  I don’t know if anything here can really be considered love, but these “love” notes are the only ones I need.

Please note the mess that is drawn on the floor next to me is not litter!  I do not litter.  My messes are contained to my space.
My contained mess

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life: “Love” Notes”

  1. Haha and suddenly a Monday afternoon doesn’t feel so bad! Those are the little things that keep us all going =)

  2. One for the files! After 20 years I sometimes don’t even remember the student (though often I do!), but looking at them still brings a smile.

    And oh, technology is so great WHEN IT WORKS. Right?

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