Slice of Life: A Christmas Tree Incident

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hToday I decided to share the personal narrative I am currently writing alongside my students.  In order to learn along with my students, I write a piece for each unit as well.  Then, as I teach them strategies for revising, I use my writing to model the revision moves.  This year I decided to write about a small moment setting up the Christmas tree several years ago.

This is what my writing looks like in my notebook. (Yep! I keep one of those with my kids, too.) It is still a work in progress. Hopefully we will be publishing next week.

“Be careful!”  I warned Troy.

Troy climbed the ladder slowly.  The star in his hand, reaching up.  The star was almost  at the top of the tree.  As he climbed, I backed up onto the back of the couch to take a picture, making sure I could get the whole tree in the frame.


I know what you are thinking, Troy fell of the ladder onto the tree. But, no…Unfortunately, we had moved the couch and it wasn’t against the wall anymore.  Therefore, with me on the back, the couch wasn’t balanced and it fell backward, taking me with it.  I fell flat on my back.

Troy was safe on the ladder, laughing hysterically at his mother.

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