Sunday Letters 8.23.15

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Dear Classroom,

Enjoy being clean and organized.  Enjoy being relatively germ free.  All of that will change Monday when the kids arrive.

Don’t be too sad, though.  Once the kids enter, you will not only be filled with germs and stuff.  But, you will also be filled with excitement, energy, love, and laughter.  Maybe some learning, too?!

– Ms.  Bless


Dear Teachers,

This isn’t directed to all teacher – just those of you putting specific color folders on the supply list.  I understand your need for color coded supplies.  However, as a parent, it drives me INSANE!  Last year I went to store after store, searching for an orange folder.  This year…it was the (apparently) rare yellow plastic folder with prongs.

– A Mother


Yes! I wore this on our opening day institute.

Dear Pin,

Thank you so much!  Although not everyone understood you, those who know me couldn’t help but laugh.  not to mention I smiled a little more than normal.  So, thanks!  🙂

                                                            – Lady with a Resting *itch Face


Dear Teacher Across the Hall,

I know you are stressed.   I know you doubt yourself.  But, I promise you this…

I promise your students will love you the second they enter your room.

I promise you they won’t care about boxes still needing to be unpacked.

I promise you are completely capable of being their teacher.

I promise you are amazing!

– A Fan!


20150809_085744Dear My Son’s New Teacher,

You asked for three things I want you to know about him.

  1.  My son is creative.  He loves to create, on paper or with Legos.  When he gets an idea in his head, he can’t wait to make it real.  He can sit for hours building a Lego baseball field.  His backpack holds several notebooks, just in case he feels inspired.  I love his creativity and try to encourage it as much as possible.
  2. My son is a perfectionist.  He likes to do things perfect the first time.  Therefore he tends to shut down or not show all he knows because of a fear of being wrong.  However, he never truly gives up on anything – he just practices in private until he has it mastered.  Although I know this, I don’t know how to help him and I am open to suggestions.
  3. My son keeps his own feelings private, but he is very empathetic.  He is friends with everyone and is very funny.  However, when he is upset, he isn’t going to tell you how he feels or why he feels that way.

As you can see from the length of this letter compared to the others, I love my son and can talk about him nonstop.  Thanks for asking!  🙂

– A Proud Mommy

5 thoughts on “Sunday Letters 8.23.15”

  1. You are so kind! I love the way you are encouraging the teacher across the hall. Have a fun Sunday.

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