Big Butts

We sat on a bench outside the ice cream place waiting for my sister.  My nephew was with my son and me, anxiously waiting for frozen yogurt, when a tall man walked past the bench.   My nephew said, “Look at that big guy!  He has a big butt!”  (You need to know Landon doesn’t have a whisper voice.)

My son and I just stared at each other with big eyes.  I am sure the guy heard, he had to have heard.  Luckily he didn’t turn around, but I was mortified!  The rest of the time spent waiting was focused on distracting him so he wouldn’t comment on the derriere of any other passing strangers…

Oh…the joy of being publicly embarrassed by a three year old…One day I will get my revenge.  One day his crazy Aunt Jennie will embarrass him…That is a promise!



4 thoughts on “Big Butts”

  1. Haha! I love this!! 🙂 Emma did something soooo similar, except it was right when she was learning opposites…so big and little was on the docket that day. Well, we walked into The Dollar Tree, and she screams, “That is a big woman.”!!!!!

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