Who is this Karma, Anyway?

Depends on who you ask…

Dictionary.com:    “action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation”

Landon: (my three year old nephew)  “He’s bad!  He’s trying to get me!”

Each time Landon gets hurt as a result of not listening his mom, my sister tells him Karma got him.  Therefore, he thinks of Karma as a person, out to get him.  He uses he and she interchangeably, so I’m not sure if this person is male or female in his mind.  I’m enjoying thinking of Karma as this little lady with wings.  Flying around teaching people lessons…2015-07-12 19.24.45

You don’t listen to your mom about jumping on the couch?  Well, she trips you so you fall and hit your head.

You steal something from the store?  You get in an accident on the way home.  Maybe it was because you were distracted by something flying around you and that resulted in running into a concrete barrier.  Perhaps it was a tiny fairy bent on teaching you a lesson?

You talk bad about someone who calls you a friend?  Where did that giant zit you woke up with this morning come from, on picture day!?

What do you think?  Who is Karma?


One thought on “Who is this Karma, Anyway?”

  1. My sister did this to my niece all the time, except she didn’t say karma, she said, “That’s what you get.” Fast forward to when Caitlyn was like 6 and some kid on a playground was being unsafe. Caitlyn told him/her not to do whatever they were doing bc they’d get hurt. They didn’t listen, and then got hurt. Her response? “That’s what you get!”

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