BigTime Blogging Challenge: July 1, 2015

Dear Michelle,

Here’s my summer writing notebook!

Thank you for being a blogging bully.  I have finished two March Slice of Life Challenges and found a new hobby.  I have found that writing is therapy.   My writing has made me a better teacher of writing.   So, even though I joke, I appreciate you pushing me into blogging.  I owe you and I can’t wait for the Illinois Writing Project institute this month!

Love Always,


Dear Writer’s Notebook,

I know that so far I have mostly just filled you with lists of books that I have read and want to read.  However, I promise to fill you with all kinds of random thoughts and stories this summer.


A Writer Busy Reading


6 thoughts on “BigTime Blogging Challenge: July 1, 2015”

  1. So glad you’re also doing this challenge! I’m wondering how many more people are on this…
    So do you keep a *real* writer’s notebook? I’ve thought about keeping a reader’s notebook… So I know by experience what I’m asking my fourth graders. Tell me more about it!

  2. I need to start my writer’s notebook. I haven’t had one since college. I always write when my kiddos write but I’m a random notebook girl. You guys just reminded me how much I loved my writers notebook when I was in school! Thanks!

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