Guilt – Yep!  It’s a common emotion for me, a single working mom.  In Dad is Fat, Jim Gaffigan has a whole chapter about guilt, parental guilt.  “I feel guilty, gulity when I drop them off at school.  I feel guilty when I pick them up from school.”  (p.27)  And his list goes on…basically there is no way to not feel guilty!  And this is coming from a happily married, successful comedian and father!  Maybe it isn’t just me!

I took my first vacation alone in NINE YEARS last week.  I felt (and still feel) huge amounts of guilt!  I left my son alone for ten days!  (Reality:  Well, not alone, he was with his dad and my grandma.)  I feel guilty for taking the time, even though I know that it was needed and deserved.  But, it does make me feel better to know other parents feel the same.  I feel bad if I’m having fun without him.  I would feel bad if I left him and didn’t have fun.   Try as I might, that guilt was/is always there.   The beach, reading, no responsibility, and more reading…the vacation was worth it.  But, I don’t think I will be taking another ten day vacation without my boy anytime soon…

One thought on “Guilt”

  1. Girl! You are preaching to the choir! I feel the very same way. I love to read, but can’t do it with background noises. I try to spend some time each day reading and always feel guilty when the kids come in and I just want to sit and read. I want to hang out with them because they are only little once but I need me time too. It amazes me how often we create guilt for ourselves even though there isn’t a need because our kids know that we need a break and we are better parents when we get back!

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