I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinet, tossing all canned goods that are past their expiration date.  And in the cabinet I found a CD.  Who puts CDs in the cabinet?  Apparently me…but honestly, I don’t even remember buying it.  I guess at the time I didn’t connect with the songs?

20150601_170015After discovering it, I listened to it in the car on the way to work.  I was shocked.  So many of the songs reflect exactly how I am feeling right now…

The Bridge You Burn (Tony Martin, Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher)

He’s the lesson you learn / He’s the dead end you see when you realize you made a wrong turn

Cry (Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally)

I might bite my lip / Look down at my shoes / I might clench my fist / Or just leave the room / But I’m not gonna cry / Not one single drop / Cause once I get started, I / I may never stop / I might even laugh / Right in your face / When you come out and ask / Oh if I’ll be ok / But I’m not gonna stop

Somebody’s Chelsea (Reba, Liz Hengber, Will Robinson)

I wanna be somebody’s Chelsea / Somebody’s world / Somebody’s day and night one and only girl / A part of a love story that never has an end…/ You know that’s what every woman wants to be… / Somebody’s Chelsea

All The Women I Am (Kent Blazy, Mary Green, Shane McAnally)

Hey, I’m a realist, I’m a dreamer, I’m a silver-lining seeker / I’m a devil or an angel, who’ll come running when you need her / Cause I need a man who can love all the women I am

When You Have A Child (Tom Douglas)

When you have a child / You learn it’s a serious business to have a little fun / You give grace and forgiveness /

These four walls you call a house / Take on a life of its own when you bring ’em home / You will cry and you will laugh / When they hurt it cuts you in half, it’s your flesh and blood

And year after year / Pictures fill page after page / They never really grown up / Still your baby at any age

When you love a child / Oh when you love a child

IMG_20150609_184638How is it that so many of the songs, from this CD I don’t remember buying several years ago, express so many of the things I have been feeling lately?  I am not a big believer in fate, but I know that I need to find this.  I have listened to it several times and I needed to find it.  I needed to hear this at this point in my life.


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