On Your Mark (Post 3/3)


This book isn’t just a list of things that don’t work. It is this doesn’t work….But you could do this…or this…

20150528_211640Yep…I did this. But now I totally see how zeros don’t make any sense if we want grades to show what students know.

Unrelated note:  I had no idea about the Olympics scoring!


We teach student writers that introductions and conclusions are important and potentially very powerful. Well, this book has a beginning and ending that is mentor text worthy, in my opinion.  Guskey ends with a pep talk.  He tells us that our current grading practices are traditions, but traditions aren’t always best.  That it takes bold and brave leaders to make changes, including educational changes.  As I close the book, I am left encouraged and inspired.  Encouraged…although I have made mistakes in my grading and reporting in the past, I can see what needs to change and how simple the changes can be. Inspired…I want to be part of the change and I want what is best for my students.

Encouraged and inspired.  What more can you ask for in an educational read?

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