Reflections on Being a Mentor

This year I had the privilege of being a mentor to two first year teachers, one of whom was also a member of our third grade team.  We meet once a week plus I can guarantee that I will receive at least one email every Sunday night filled with questions.  She always includes a huge, unneeded apology with her questions.

As we sat Friday, reflecting on the year, she said that she wouldn’t have made it through the year without me.  She had mentioned earlier in the week that she always thinks WWJBD – What Would Jennie Bless Do?  While these comments are flattering and a huge confidence booster for me, they are not true.  She is an amazing, gifted, natural first year teacher.

All of her questions are the reason she learns so much.  It is because of her questions that I know how to help her.   She doesn’t need a bracelet that says WWJBD.  She knows exactly what to do and she just needs to be confident about her own abilities. I’ve found that this is one of the biggest parts of being a mentor to a first year teacher, helping them have confidence in themselves and their abilities!

WWAD:  What Would Amanda Do?  (Her name is Amanda. 🙂 )


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