When the students teach each other…

When the students teach each other…giving each other strategies, some that we taught and some that they learned themselves…those are the moments that make me feel like I am getting through.  After days yesterday, I need to focus on those moments.

After making it though more half the month of blogging, we have four students that have blogged everyday and many more that have blogged for the majority of the days.  There is so much growth in each student that has been blogging regularly and the other day I overheard one student coaching another.

“You have to check your post in preview now. Just to make sure the picture doesn’t cover up any of your words…that is really important.”

Such a small moment and yet it was a completely unprovoked moment.  It made me feel like I am not just shoving information and strategies down their little throats, maybe I am facilitating and they are learning!


Breakfast of Champions!

I didn’t get much sleep last night, typical Sunday night dreams….I forgot to mark a kid absent…A kid that we don’t actually have in our class.  Woke up to a text that my amazing co-teacher is sick and I will be flying solo today.  (Jill when you read this don’t feel guilty!  I don’t want you at school sick!)  And then I realized that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I better prepare myself for my day alone with 27 kids.  And so I did it…I had a cupcake with my coffee…20150323_044619


My mom is moving to Florida and my sister threw her a surprise party today.  (I still have doubts that she will stay permanently, but only time will tell.)  However, the big surprise was that her little sister came in from Wyoming.

When my mom saw her sister, she screamed hugged her, cried, and didn’t let go.  She just kept repeating, “I love you so much!”  It has been three years since they have seen each other.  I can’t imagine going years without seeing my sisters and so tonight I would like to write them a letter.

I’m in the middle.

Dear Little Sisters,

You are, and always have been, a pain in my behind.  You copied me, teased me, annoyed me.  All for the fun of it.  But, I know that I have told you a fair share of stories (that you may call lies).  I do not apologize for my stories, they were fun!

I know that sometimes we talk and see each other more, and other times less.  However, I promise that no matter what is going on in my life, I will not let three years pass.  I will never be that excited to see you, because I will never go that long not seeing you.

Every time we would argue, Ma would tell us, “You girls need to get along.  One day you will only have each other.”  And of course, she is right.  She is always right.  So, I promise that no matter what arguments we have, I will always be there when you need me…whether you want me there or not.

I love you two!

Your Older Sis

Things you think you will never have to say…

Screenshot_2015-03-21-08-38-44There are so many phrases you never imagine your self uttering…and then you become a mom…All of a sudden words are flying out of your mouth.  “Don’t use the same balloon for your nose and your mouth!!”  You pause, shocked and confused.   Did you really just say that?

A very generous boy on the bus provided my son with a fresh green balloon yesterday.  After demonstrating the sought after talent of balloon nose blowing (is that what to call it?  I have no idea.), he informed my son that he wouldn’t be able to do it because his nostrils were too big.

My guy, refusing to be told he can’t do something, was wondering out loud this morning in the car.  “What does the size of my nostrils have to do with it?!”  I didn’t have an answer for him.  However, by the time we had reached our destination he had done it!  He had blown up the balloon with his nose!  Although it wasn’t as full as he could get it with his mouth, he explained, trying to demonstrate.

“Don’t use the same balloon for your nose and your mouth!!”

Kindred Sprits Come in All Sizes

I have written about my kindred spirits – the friends that I have found in the last few years.  However, with the help of Jill Pickle, one of those friends, I realized that kindred spirits aren’t limited to your peers – they come in all sizes.

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hThe weather is warming up, the snow is melting of the playground, and the children are staying a little longer after school, playing.  This shift means that we have visitors afters school, former students (4th and 5th grade) stop by to chat.  It is one of these students, let’s call her R, that I realized is a kindred spirit.

Each day she must wait for her grandma to wrangle her little brother, and so we get to spend a little time with R.

“P is my anchor,” she stated, referring to her little brother.  “All I want to do is sail away, like the Titanic.”

“The Titanic sank!”  I pointed out.

“The Titanic without the iceberg,” she amended.

Jill turned to Amanda, the other third grade teacher, because she is new to our school and conversations with R.  “R is like one of us,”  she stated motioning to the three of us teachers.  “When she get’s older she will be just like us.”  (Yep.  Scary!)

The conversation went on a little longer and when it was time for us to go inside, Jill and I gave R hugs.  R then turned to Amanda and held out a hand, “Nice to meet you!” (How polite and grown up!  I know!)

Amanda responded, “Do you want a hug instead?”


Oh, I love the change in weather for so many reasons.  One of them being our time with R, a kindred spirit.


20150318_173035I have a son.  I thought that because I gave birth to a male, I wouldn’t have to have worry about hair brushing.  I was very wrong.  My son likes to limit his haircuts to one cut annually.  Therefore, our mornings are similar to what I imagine mothers of girls experience…

“It hurts!  You’re pulling out my hair!”

“You’ll live.”

“You don’t know what it’s like!”

“Ummmm…my hair is longer than yours and always has been…”

“Owww!  You don’t understand!”

“Your Grannie didn’t care if she brushed my ears or hurt my head.  She would just yank the brush through.”

“You are hurting my head!”

“If you don’t let me brush it, we are getting it cut off!”


“Let the pig sing it!”

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G…”  While babysitting my nephews this weekend, we watched Super Why.  Yay!   The characters talk to you and you are SUPPOSED to talk back!  So, the Alpha Pig was singing the ABCs and, because he says to sing along, I started singing along.  “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…”

My almost three year old nephew hollers, “No!  Stop!  Let the pig sing it!”

“You don’t like my singing?”  I question.

“Just let the pig sing…”  he replied calmly, never taking his eyes off the screen.

Of course, this didn’t surprise me.  Singing is not my strength and when I would try to sing the alphabet to my own son, he would cover my mouth.  Maybe I should stop trying to entertain children with my singing, but I’m not a quitter!