Day 31 of SOLC!

This morning I woke up anxious.  What will I write about?  Today is day 31 and I made it again.   (Year 2)  I need to write about something profound.  I need to write about everything I have learned, everything my students have learned, how much my students have grown this month.  All the way to school and even during our morning meeting, I was listing and discarding ideas for today’s very important slice. 

     Then, not long before lunch, a student made a comment.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  And I realized that this moment would be my slice for today, because this is why I write.  I ♥ working with kids and this challenge gives me the chance to share all of these small moments with other people willing to read them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.40.11 AM     After a brain/movement break with GoNoodle, our little guy got to go through the “transmogrifier” to grow bigger.  He came out looking like the above picture.  A speech bubble popped up above his head saying, “Inventing is like dividing by zero…you cannot define it.”   I read the speech bubble and immediately a chorus of “What?!” and other confused comments filled the room.

The confusion died down and then one student clarified for everyone, “He is a strong nerd, so we aren’t going to understand what he is saying.”  And that was the end of that…

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI am grateful for this opportunity to share my writing, experiences, thoughts, and stories with an open audience.  Once again, this was a fulfilling experience.  Goodbye SOLC!  Until next year…


2 thoughts on “Day 31 of SOLC!”

  1. I, too, have felt the pressure to only write slices that are profound, otherwise why would anyone want to read them? What I have learned through the SOL community, though, is that even the moments we may not see as profound are important! Congrats on completing the challenge 🙂

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