Chuck E. Cheese…Where a Kid Can Be a Kid…

And apparently where an adult can be a kid…I’m pretty sure my mom had as much fun, if not more fun, than my son and nephew today!

My son wandered off and I was standing next to my mom.  Mom was contemplating how to earn the most points in the “Milk Jug” game. (I’m not sure what it was actually called?) After a couple tokens she still hadn’t got the ball into the milk jug, only the holes with smaller point values.

The third token in, second or third toss and she got it!  The ball sank into the milk jug and my mom screamed!  “Aahhh!  I got it!”  But she didn’t just scream this repeatedly…she jumped up and down, turned in circles, all while waving her hands wildly in the air.

Apparently you are never too old for Chuck E. Cheese.  You are also never to old to be embarrassed by your mother…



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