When the students teach each other…

When the students teach each other…giving each other strategies, some that we taught and some that they learned themselves…those are the moments that make me feel like I am getting through.  After days yesterday, I need to focus on those moments.

After making it though more half the month of blogging, we have four students that have blogged everyday and many more that have blogged for the majority of the days.  There is so much growth in each student that has been blogging regularly and the other day I overheard one student coaching another.

“You have to check your post in preview now. Just to make sure the picture doesn’t cover up any of your words…that is really important.”

Such a small moment and yet it was a completely unprovoked moment.  It made me feel like I am not just shoving information and strategies down their little throats, maybe I am facilitating and they are learning!



6 thoughts on “When the students teach each other…”

  1. Very sweet. I am having a very hard time motivating my students to write complete slices this year. They have participated less and less each week and I only have one who continues to try to write each day. My celebration is that she is one of my lowest students. I love this story.

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