Thoughts on a Day with No School…

20150106_182026Dear Red Robin,

Would you consider donating one (or two) of these fabulous chairs to a dedicated teacher’s classroom?  Sitting on it during dinner yesterday was extremely comfortable and wouldn’t it look fabulous behind my small group table?!  Please consider a donation.  😉

A Delusional Teacher


Dear Weather,

I know we live in the Chicago-land area, and winters can be cold, however I really don’t want to make up anymore “cold” days.  Two is one too many.  Please just stay above zero for the rest of the winter?!


A Grateful Teacher


Dear Self,

Every time you shower, brush your hair, and put on clean yoga pants, your son asks why you are getting “fancy.”  Yikes!  I think that means you need to start spending more time on yourself.    Remember your OLW:  FIERCE!



One thought on “Thoughts on a Day with No School…”

  1. I love how you signed the first letter as “A Delusional Teacher” So funny! You know, those would make awesome Author’s Chairs! 🙂
    I’m with you too, I don’t want to make up more days than just these two…If they end up taking president’s day, I’m going to be really sad!

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