What I’m Loving Wednesday 1.21.15

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♥  My co-workers!

Last night, in an effort to be healthy, we went to my co-teacher’s house to workout.  After an intense twenty minute workout, and a visit with her new doggie, we went out to eat.  Yes, it was counterproductive.   No, it was not the first time this has happened.  However, I love that I get to work with my friends AND we can be counterproductive together!


♥  Biggest Loser

I do enjoy the show, but I am talking about our school’s version.  This is week two and I am down eleven pounds thanks to the competition and the support from the other teachers.  I am sitting at a table with a bowl of candy and have not eaten any.  Which brings me to my next topic…

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♥  Having short arms!

I am sitting at a table with a bowl of candy in the center and I am not eating it!  In large part because I can’t reach it!

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♥  One Little Word:  Fierce

 ♥  Standards Based Grading

This is a scary and an exciting change coming in education.  I am learning more about standards based grading today and hope to share my learning in a future post.

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♥  Putting my son on the bus!

Thanks to a professional development down the street from my house, I got to sleep in and put my son on the bus!  We got to watch an episode of Scooby-Doo this morning and then slide across the slippery snow while waiting for the bus.  I am that mom…the one sliding with her kid across the sidewalk while another mom is reprimanding her kid for doing the same thing.  ( I consider that being a fun mom, but I’m sure that other mom doesn’t appreciate it.  :/ )

Academic Parent Teacher Teams

Thanks to our Literacy Coach the entire third grade team (three classes) is participating in Academic Parent Teacher Teams.  You can read more about these teams at our coach’s blog, BigTime Literacy.  We decided to focus on reading data and strategies this year.The idea behind them is to share data and give parents strategies to help their kids.

At our first meeting we gave parents their child’s reading level and strategies to help with inference and character traits.  We noticed while doing the initial F&P testing that this was a major weakness across the grade.  You can see our presentation here.

Last week we had our second meeting.  Ten out of our twenty-five families were present.  We shared the student’s reading data, information about Standards Based Grading, and strategies to help students with evaluating texts.  You can see our second presentation here.Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.19.57 PM

Parents were able to learn strategies and set goals for their children.  Most parents were able to see that their child met the goals they set in the fall.  So exciting!  Our third meeting is set for May where we will focus on ways for parents to help prevent a summer slump.    We are not getting paid for these meetings, they are not part of our contract, and they require a huge amount of preparation and planning.  However, the fantastic progress students are making is worth it!

Thoughts on a Day with No School…

20150106_182026Dear Red Robin,

Would you consider donating one (or two) of these fabulous chairs to a dedicated teacher’s classroom?  Sitting on it during dinner yesterday was extremely comfortable and wouldn’t it look fabulous behind my small group table?!  Please consider a donation.  😉

A Delusional Teacher


Dear Weather,

I know we live in the Chicago-land area, and winters can be cold, however I really don’t want to make up anymore “cold” days.  Two is one too many.  Please just stay above zero for the rest of the winter?!


A Grateful Teacher


Dear Self,

Every time you shower, brush your hair, and put on clean yoga pants, your son asks why you are getting “fancy.”  Yikes!  I think that means you need to start spending more time on yourself.    Remember your OLW:  FIERCE!


One Word: Fierce

Since beginning my blogging journey, I have been encountering this idea of One Little Word on blog after blog, never really knowing what it was all about.  However, after Michelle at Big Time Literacy posted about it, I decided I needed a word too.  (She bullied me into blogging after all, and now I love it.)  With all of the changes in my life right now, one word to focus me sounds perfect!  Now…which word…

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Although I have made huge growth with confidence and ferociousness in my professional life, I need to face my personal life in the same way.  I will be FIERCE in all aspects of my life this year, especially personally.

I will be FIERCE in my relationships- not tolerating being stepped on or taken advantage of.  No one will talk down to me.

I will be FIERCE in my choices.  Asking for help when I need it.  Accepting help when it is offered.  (A very smart friend told me it takes courage to accept help, something I have never been good at.)

I will be FIERCE in my actions.  Making my health a priority.  Working out regularly and making each workout count.

I will be scared, but I will NOT let fear hold me back.  This year I am ready for FIERCE!


P.S. Have you noticed that when you spell a word too many times, it starts to look like it’s spelled wrong even though it’s right?