Two Ways to Look at Everything

Glass half full or half empty?  Both are correct, so what does it matter how you answer?


Two flat tires at 5:00 AM when I need to go to school.


I realized I had two flat tires before I left the neighborhood instead of getting two flat tires on the expressway.


As far as I can tell, one way of looking at things makes you a victim with horrible luck.  The other way helps you deal with a stinky situation without loosing your mind.  🙂  It’s hard to be the glass half full type of person all of the time, especially on days like this.  However, it is possible to recognize when you are getting too negative and adjust your thinking.  I pledge to be more aware of the way I am looking at things and try to adjust to the glass half full thinking, even this month, especially this month, when stress levels are high.

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