A completely fabricated slice of life…

BAM!  Jess slammed  down her box of Kellogg cereal.  “I’ve had it!  Of course you loose weight on this Special K diet, you aren’t eating anything!”  She ranted, “The kids are crazy and can’t focus.  It’s another indoor recess day and I can’t handle any more of this healthy junk on top of everything else.”

“Why don’t you go ask that Hostess delivery guy for some Ho Hos?” Jen joked pointing out the lunchroom window.  She really only noticed the truck because of the man in a muscle shirt unloading boxes.

“I prefer Ding Dong,” replied another teacher.

“Anything sugary sounds good right now,” commented another.

Then, without another word, as if a spell had been placed on them, all ten teachers jumped out of their seats and ran for the door.  Ignoring children in the hallway and any sort of self-control, they ran out the side door of the school and pounced on the truck and it’s driver.  Well, Jen took the driver, while the other sugar hungry, over stressed teachers started raiding the truck.

Cardboard was ripped open, small cakes were flying from one woman to the next.  A Twinke sailed across the truck, while Ding Dongs, Cupcakes were tossed here and there.  Quickly disappearing as soon as they left the plastic wrapping.  There may have even been a male’s shirt flying through the air?…

Long story short…there was a huge hullabaloo.  (Haha, never had a reason to use that word in writing before.)  The police were called, news reporters arrived, and ten very full woman, covered in chocolate and other sugary residue were carted off to the police station.  The school had to hire new teachers, but luckily there was so much television coverage, the cake company dropped all charges and paid each woman to be part of their new advertising campaign.  They never had to worry about money, or the stresses of standardized testing again…

3 thoughts on “A completely fabricated slice of life…”

  1. Because we were given lovely ‘local’ cinnamon rolls today, I just cannot imagine anything like this happening (te he). Oh, the joys of keeping one’s weight while teaching. You are a funny writer!

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