“Our” Kids

The first day of the new year has come and gone.  That first day I kept looking out at the kids and feeling like I was a substitute for someone else’s kids.  These weren’t ours.  These weren’t the faces that were supposed to be looking back at us. 

It was a hard transition to a new group of kids, but each day I find more and more things to love about these new kids.  Last year’s group was very special, but these kids are special too.  I just need to give myself time to see it. 


These kids sit down on the carpet for a read aloud without making me claustrophobic.  They leave just enough room at my feet.

They can get ready to go home in less than 5 minutes!  (We keep forgetting that they can get ready so fast and start getting ready way to early.)

And, possibly most importantly, as they were walking out the door yesterday and I was laughing one girl said, “I love your laugh.”  This was a shocker for me because for the last five years kids have always said that I laugh like a witch.  (This idea was of course encouraged by the big black cauldron that I had in my closet until this year.)  I told her that kids always say I laugh like a witch and they all quickly assured me that my laugh was nothing like a witch.  (Awwww!) 


So, while I see last year’s group pass in the hallway and miss them dearly, I am feeling more attached to this group by the moment.  Slowly, they are becoming “our” kids.


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