Letters to Inanimate Objects

Why not?


Dear Bamboo Plant,
     I love you so much!  You are so independent and, most importantly, still alive.  You aren’t like other plants that throw hissy fits and die when I go on vacation for two weeks, leaving no water. And even though I am gone again, I know that I will come home to find you alive and well.  Thank you.
                                  With gratitude,

Dear Tractor, 
     I am sure that it is a spactacular feat to pull those weights all that way, the stands are full after all.  However, I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand what is so fascinating  about watching you pull stuff in a straight line down a track.  Not to mention the noise! Jeez it’s deafening.   I wish you lots of luck in your future endeavours,  but I hope that I only have to be witness to it once a year. 


Dear Pretzel Wagon Pretzel,
      It has been years since we last met. I have missed you and was ecstatic that we met again at the Elkhart County Fair this year.  The fair may not be my favorite place, but you make it worth the crowds.  You are so sweet and soft, covered in melted butter and salt.  I shall see you again my friend. Same time, same place next summer. 
                                     With love,

My son and his father think I am insane right now for writing to a pretzel, but it was fun. Thanks for the letter writing idea Michelle!

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