Sleepless nights begin…

The sleepless nights have come early this back to school season.  (You have those the week or so before school starts too, right?)  Why so early you ask?  It is still July you say?  Well, it could be the cup of coffee I drank around five o’clock.  However, I think it is because I will be speaking at my district’s board meeting tomorrow tonight.  My son is in a dual language program (English/ Spanish) in his school district and I will be speaking during the open forum part about my experience as a parent.  I love what my son is getting from dual language and I would love other kids to benefit from a similar experience as well, but I absolutely, positively, HATE public speaking.  Give me a room full of kids – no problem.  Add one adult, the stress sweat begins.  A full room full of adults? No sleep, lots of stress sweat, butterflies, panic, anxiety…  I love my job because I get to spend the day with kids and, for the most part, do not need to speak in front of rooms full of adults.


9 thoughts on “Sleepless nights begin…”

  1. Aw. I get really nervous sometimes too, but other times it is like I become a different persona and I just perform. Nights in my relatively short career or just short, not usually sleepless. I tend to fall asleep out of exhaustion. I love the English/Spanish program idea, I’d love to hear more about it.

  2. So cool you’re speaking tonight at the board meeting on behalf of dual language! I know, it’s stressful. I used to be that way in the beginning of last year….but the more I do it the easier it gets. Mostly…
    Hope you got some Zzzzzs 🙂

  3. I’ve been there, my friend. You can do it, though! Stay positive. View yourself as the “Queen of Public Speaking” before you arrive. Maybe it’ll help? 😉 I’ll send you “good vibes”. Think about the great sleep you’ll get later tonight, too.

  4. The sleepless nights started just after the 4th for me. Summer is winding down way too soon but still I’m excited for getting back anew. More importantly my son is starting full day school this year and I’m just so anxious for this new chapter in our lives. I LOVE how passionate you must be to go speak at your district board meeting about this program. We don’t have one at my son’s school but I do promote dual language (not Dora, Diego nonsense) with books where I can. Spanish, French, German and Polish seem to be the most popular thanks to family members who speak them fluently to my little sponge of a son. He’s teaching me more and more every day.

  5. Not so much sleepless nights for me, for me it’s dreams that wake me up multiple times a night. Good luck at the board meeting!!

  6. I heard from a little birdie that you did *fabulous* and that the board was totally moved! Of course you did, cause you’re awesome 🙂

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