Monitoring Understanding

I think that one of the most common reading struggles that third graders have is monitoring their understanding.  Although the students can read the words and comprehend the words, they don’t stop to make sure that they are comprehending. (Which is the whole purpose for reading!)  Sometimes A lot of times the kids just keep on reading and reading without paying attention to the fact they have no idea what they are reading!

How can we help kids monitor their understanding?

  • Teach kids to ask themselves these questions:  Do I know what I read?  What do I not understand?  How do I figure out what it means?
  • Think aloud:  We need to model reading, asking ourselves questions, and applying strategies when we don’t understand.
  • Stop and Jot:  Teach kids to stop every so often (each page, each chapter) and jot something down about what they read.
  • Notice and Note is a great resource for teaching students to monitor their understanding of narrative texts.17188285
  • Post-its!  They are fun for the kids and a great way to record thinking.  And check out what I found at Barnes and Noble for $1.95.


One thought on “Monitoring Understanding”

  1. I agree! I feel like some students don’t even really grasp the concept that words in a book are supposed to mean something. I really think this starts with the movies they watch. When I watch movies with kids or talk to kids about movies it’s often very apparent that they have no idea what is going on. They enjoy seeing all the impressive graphics or costumes. They laugh when characters fall down etc, but they aren’t really getting the plot even of movies they’ve seen dozens of times. When we make reading overly technical, they don’t learn that reading is intended to tell stories.

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