Five for Friday

We are currently on an amazing road trip across this beautiful country of ours.  I have learned so much in the last week, so today I will share five things…

5. People on the Oregon Trail used bison scat for their fires. Those fires must have smelled fantastic!

4. Horses are one of the few animals that can’t burp or vomit.  Everything that goes in must come out the other end.  (This is a fun fact we learned on a horseback ride yesterday.)

3.    When Andrew says, “Look at that view!” while driving… he means, “Jennie, stop whatever you are doing and take a picture of this! Pronto!”

2.  When you have two boys constantly fighting,  take them on a 2.9 mile hike and you will get some peace.  (Until they get back in the car.)

1.  Finally, roasters really do make a cock-a-doodle-do sort of sound in the morning. The place we are staying has chickens running around outside and this is morning two of waking up to a rooster’s call. (I know this may not be a huge revelation for some of you, but I grew up and live in the suburbs of Chicago. No chickens around!)


5 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

  1. My Aunt (who lived right next door) always had roosters and chickens..Those things woke me up all the time! My dad wouldn’t turn on the AC until it was going to be sweltering hot for several days in a row..With the windows open, those roosters could be heard loud and clear! lol It sounds like you are having a great trip!

  2. Loved reading your Five things! Horses will give you a run for your money with how flatulent that can be though! I imagine bison chips burn hot, so that would have been convenient.

  3. To wake up to roosters crowing. You’re going to be missing that when we get into the winter funk…I’ll be happy to remind you how amazing it was 🙂
    (after the scary part wore off, that is!)

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