Magic, Fairies, and Other Girly Thoughts

I read The Never Girls: In a Blink the other day on our road trip.  Being in a car with three males means lots of talk about butts, gas, etc. This children’s chapter book was a nice temporary mental shift to all things girly.


I originally picked up the book because I love magic and it looked like a fun read for third graders.  (I’m always on the look out for high interest series for the kids.) I didn’t realize it was a Disney book about Neverland and Tinkerbell.  Since I had my son and started teaching I read mostly “boy” books because I didn’t read anything that would interest boys as a kid.

This book is about four human girls getting “blinked” into Pixie Hollow with all the fairies. I love the idea of fairies and a world of tiny things. When the girls in the book were exploring the new world and looking in all the windows, wishing they were small enough to go in, it reminded me of that fairy doll house at the Museum of Science and Industry.

This us why I need a daughter, or at least a niece – fairies!  Jill (my friend and co-teacher) is right when she says I can put cute bows and dresses on a dog, but the dog couldn’t join in the fairy love!

I saw this tiny fairy garden throne made with a coffee mug on Pinterest.  I really want to make one when I get home! Maybe I can display it at the beginning of the year with the book series?


5 thoughts on “Magic, Fairies, and Other Girly Thoughts”

  1. I don’t know of this fairy castle you speak of, but I am intrigued! Maybe we should put it on the social calendar! 🙂

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