Road trip!

Yesterday was day one of our first road trip and we made it!  We drove from home (northwest suburb of Chicago) to Omaha, Nebraska. 


At a rest stop in Iowa my little bro (11 years old) was watching some guy clean his dentures in the sink. He couldn’t get over it!

After checking in to the hotel we were off to the Strategic Air and Space Museum. Very cool – lots of old aircraft from different time periods in history, especially 1940s and 1950s.


Then, we walked around in downtown Omaha,  sweating our bottoms off. We stopped at this ice cream shop that makes the ice cream the old fashioned way.  As we were waiting for our ice cream the lady behind us ordered some to go and they put it in a Chinese takeout looking container – cute.  The kid fixing it was not wearing gloves and trying to shove the ice cream in the container to get it closed – not cute!  The lady is standing there watching this and her face was priceless, but she didn’t say anything to him.

After walking around, we finally got back to the car and my little brother says, “That was so much walking! My thighs hurt.”  Oh Little Bro, that was nothing compared to the hiking we will be doing in a few days!

We’re on the road again…Next stop- Rawlins, Wyoming. 


4 thoughts on “Road trip!”

  1. So cool you’re going to see all these places! Is your whole family on the trip? Should definitely be a great time, enjoy! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re having a fun summer! I hope you’re making some stops in Iowa along the way! We have some lovely places!!! 🙂

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