I am horrible at directions.

I am horrible at directions.

I mean, so bad that I could get lost in my own neighborhood. Not an exaggeration! Today I literally got lost in my own neighborhood!

After giving away my oldest pair of gym shoes after the Dirty Girl Mud Run, I needed a new pair. You know so the old pair can become the oldest pair – for future muddy endeavors. So me and my new pair went on a walk today around the neighborhood.

I was a little frustrated, needing some alone time. I just walked, past the dog park, around the neighborhood, listening to music and not exactly focusing on where I was going. Those new shoes of mine started to hurt and so it occurred to me I had absolutely no idea how to get home. Thank goodness for the GPS on my phone! I was 1.1 miles away from home, but it got me home and I got a nice workout!  If not for modern technology I would have probably been lost and crying on the side of the road.  I am horrible at directions!


7 thoughts on “I am horrible at directions.”

  1. can’t believe you got lost in your own neighborhood! too funny…well, since you had a GPS on you! 🙂 Thanks for linking up! Excited for this month of blogging together!

  2. Too funny. I have a sneaky feeling that getting lost in your thoughts was exactly what you needed. There are times when directions are highly overrated.

  3. Glad I am not alone in getting lost so close to home. If I say turn left, you should probably turn right! I did a good deed today and helped some Korean tourists find their destination on my FIRST try. Glad that GPS kicked in for ya!

  4. Hilarious and yet so true! There are times I try to go without the GPS and end up getting frustrated and my car (Prius) won’t let you use the map directions unless you are stopped – grrr!

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