A Snicker of Magic



I love love love this book!  Although the main character’s father left her, she realizes that she doesn’t need him to be happy.  Felicity realizes that the family that she does have is special and they love her with their whole beings.   The message is strong and the writing is beautiful! The writing is so strong, that I feel like the best way to share this book is to quote some of Natalie Lloyd’s passages.

Felicity collects words – it is her snicker of magic.  She sees words all over, words that no one else can see

In all my years of word collecting, I’ve learned this to be a tried and true fact:  I can very often tell how much a person loves another person by the      way they say their name.  I think that’s one of the best feelings in the world, when you know your name is safe in another person’s mouth.  When you know they’ll never shout it out like a cuss word, but say it or whisper it like a once-upon-a-time.  (p.86)

Although Felicity collects words and can put them together into poems, she gets tongue tied in front of people.  Her new friend has convinced her to participate in a duel reading her poetry, but she is doubtful of her own abilities.

“Don’t matter, anyway, if you do or if you don’t.  Stories aren’t peaceful things.  Stories don’t care how shy you are.  They don’t care how insecure you are, either.  Stories find their own way out eventually.  All you gotta do is turn ’em loose.”

I think this book would be perfect for fourth, fifth, sixth grade girls who love the idea of magic.  Although the characters and message are realistic, there is an element of magic on every page.

We might never look like a normal family, but I didn’t mind.  Normal was never one of my favorite words anyway.  I glanced up at the painted faces of all the people I’d come to know and want to know.  Home isn’t just a house or a city or a place; home is what happens when you’re brave enough to love people. (p.302)



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