Cognitive Coaching…Day 2

When the first day of the two day workshop ended, I was unsure of how to explain “cognitive coaching.”  After day two of cognitive coaching, I now feel a tiny bit more prepared to to explain and use these strategies in my life. 

Cognitive coaching is to assist a person to go from where he/she is, to where he/she wants to be by becoming more self-directed.

There were two main strategies that our wonderful presenter taught on the second day:  pausing and paraphrasing.  These two strategies can be applied when having a coaching conversation with another adult, or even a child.  She said that by using these two things, we would see a huge difference. 

Pausing basically means giving “wait time” even in a one on one conversation. 

And then paraphrasing, like you did when writing research papers, after a person is done talking.  This is really hard to do in conversations and it doesn’t quite seem natural just yet.  However, we were give many sentence stems to use and those helped a lot.  So, I will be making myself anchor charts to help me in my coaching this coming year. 

This was only two days out of maybe eight?  I hope to take days 3 and 4 next summer.  Great experience!


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