Let the reading continue!

The first book checked off my “Someday List” this summer was Wonder.

Then, in preparation to see the movie, I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  I knew it would be a tear jerker and it didn’t disappoint.  We’ll see how the movie compares later today.

Out of my Mind was next on the list, as a recommendation from a fellow teacher.  The main character is a nonverbal girl who can’t voice any of the thoughts running through her head until she finally get the technology to do so.  Although the main character, Melody, is a strong girl who overcomes the challenges life throws at her, it hurts to read how cruel people can be toward others.

Better Off Friends was a very YA novel, but a welcome change from the emotionally draining books I read so far this summer.  A girl and a boy become best friends and then have to deal with their feelings changing toward each other.  The book was a mindless, fun read.  I loved the structure that the author used.  Each chapter went back and forth from her point of view and his point of view, the font changing for each.  Then, in between each chapter is a short conversation between the two as if they are talking to each other while telling the story.

Next on the list..A Snicker of Magic and Big Nate.


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